Business Opportunities in Pender Harbour & Egmont

The Pender Harbour and Egmont areas offer opportunities for a variety of small and medium businesses. These small communities are experiencing more tourism opportunities as the Sunshine Coast becomes more well-known.

Take advantage of this opportunity and consider investing in an established or new business. Our stats show that the Pender Harbour Visitor Info Booth gets information requests for services that are either non-existent or there is a greater demand than the current supply.

Here are some of the visitors’ requests:

  • Waterpark
  • Fish Restaurant
  • Laundromat
  • Playground
  • Skateboard Park
  • Taxi Service
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Music Festivals
  • RV Dump Station
  • Rental Apartments

To find out more and get support for starting your business in the Pender Harbour & Egmont area, please get in touch!

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