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EGMONT: Home of the Skookumchuck Rapids & Huge Whirlpools

The #1 attraction in the Sunshine Coast!

Plan your hike to the rapids and whirlpools by checking for extra large tides in this CALENDAR!

To see kayakers surfing the rapids, check dates and times when tides are EXTRA-LARGE +XL (plus sign).

To see whirlpools off North Point, check calendar for EXTRA LARGE -XL (minus sign) ebb tides.

At the entrance to the Village of Egmont is the Egmont Heritage Museum and the Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park’s trailhead, the start
of an easy and beautiful one-hour long hike through a coastal rainforest.

At the end of the trail, make a left to go to a lookout overlooking the whirlpools off North Point. Make a right to go see the rapids off Roland Point, where during extra-large tides, kayakers from around the world surf the largest ocean standing wave in North America.

Best viewing times to see the rapids and whirlpools are always during EXTRA-LARGE TIDES so plan ahead!

Download the 2023 Skookumchuck Rapids Tide Chart:

2023 Skookumchuck Tide Chart PDF >