Things to Do in Pender Harbour & Egmont Areas

Hiking & Biking

Pender Harbour & Egmont have some of the most scenic hikes and mountain biking trails in the Sunshine Coast, ranging from simple lakeside strolls to challenging mountain paths

Pender Harbour Hikes



Only a 5 minute drive from Madeira Park on Francis Peninsula Road, you will find Merrill Road and the parking lot for this beautiful marine park. Hike a few steps in to find the cliff overlooking the ocean. If you go right, you will reach the 42 steps that take you up to a lookout with breathtaking views. If you go left, you can hike for 30 minutes right on the edge of the water to a light beacon.


For a more leisurely stroll, take a walk along the boardwalk of the Iris Griffith Wetlands Park, situated behind the fire hall by the church and the post office at the end of Gonzales Rd in Madeira Park. There are seats and interpretive signage creating a quiet and fascinating place for residents and visitors to spend time.

Located on the south side of Lily Lake in Madeira Park, this 2.5 km walking trail borders the lake where there is a conservation effort to save Western Painted Turtles. Look for the turtles sunbathing on the rocks and logs. One trailhead is located next to the entrance to Lily Lake Place, and the other across from the Pender Harbour Clinic on Francis Peninsula Road where you can park your car.


Mount DanielChallenging

is only a 15 minute drive north of Madeira Park. The trailhead is off Garden Bay Road and it is a challenging one-hour hike up to the top where a 360 degree spectacular view awaits intrepid hikers.

Pender HillChallenging

is a steep 1.5 km hiking trail that takes 30 minutes to climb up. Turn into Garden Bay Road, off Highway 101 and follow this road for approximatley 8.6 kms to Lee Road. At Lee Road turn right and proceed 1.1 kms to where the trail head begins. Challenging hike but are well worth the effort for the views.

Daniel Point ParkChallenging

is a fairly steep hike down to the water, but the views of the Strait of Georgia are magnificent. Take Garden Bay Road to Irvine’s Landing Road. Turn right onto Lee Rd at 800 m turn left onto Orca Rd. The access to the park is on Orca Road. Undeveloped beach access, 2.5 km trail. Approximately 1 hour up hill.​

Egmont Hikes

Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial ParkEasy 4km

The Skookumchuck Rapids are located in this provincial park in Egmont, and the rapids are the #1 attraction in the Sunshine Coast! This is an easy one-hour long hike to the rapids and the whirlpools. A must for anyone who loves hiking and who also wants to appreciate the power of nature and ocean tides. Check the tide tables to ensure you’re visiting at extra-large tides for the best viewing of the rapids where you might catch kayakers surfing. See Tide Schedule Here.

Suncoaster TrailChallenging

The trail head with outhouse, picnic tables and free parking is located at the corner of Sunshine Coast Highway (Hwy 101) and Egmont Road, a mile south of the Earls Cove BC Ferries terminal. This trail currently terminates at the intersection of Hwy 101 and the Homesite Creek Forest Service Road in Halfmoon Bay.

​Area: Approximately 37 km

Mountain Biking

The Sunshine Coast has 385 km of mountain bike trails spread throughout the Sechelt Peninsula. You will find tight and twisty cross-country trails, wide-open descents, rock rolls and wooden ladders. Or rolling paths that are heavy on scenery and less on skill. Enjoy! Read more here.


In July, the BC Bike Race club holds a week-long race through the circle route course that includes a stage from Earls Cove to Sechelt.

Mountain biking emerging as Pender Harbour and Egmont’s newest attraction​This Harbour Spiel article is loaded with info on trails and a great map of McNeil Lake Trail.

Wildlife Safety


WARNING: If you spot bears, wolves or cougars while hiking, don’t run!

ELK: Do not approach elk. Keep dogs on leash. Elk will attack with hooves and antlers if they feel threatened. They are much larger than deer and can do a lot of damage.

Read more about our wildlife in the Pender Harbour Wildlife Society website and consider participating in the many fun events the society holds such as lectures, picnics, and bird counts.

Trail Maps

Sunshine Coast Super Map

The Sunshine Coast Super Map has a complete listing of addresses, businesses, boat launches, marinas, parks and trails.

The Pender Harbour Rotary Club publishes “Fat Tires & Walking Sticks” booklet.

Find these at the Egmont Heritage Center, the Pender Harbour Royal Lepage Sussex Realty office, Madeira Park Veterinary Clinic, Earthfair Store, John Henry’s Marina/General Store, and other locations in the area.

Want to hike with a group?

Check out these Facebook pages for weekly hikes with local hiking groups…

Pender Harbour Hikers (intermediate-advanced) or Pender Harbour Ramblers (novice-intermediate)

Hikes are open to everyone!